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Former Sex and Porn Addict Offers FREE 5 Video Series

Repeated exposure to sexually explicit material and sex addiction
leads to broken relationships, loss of employment, and family disruption. I KNOW BECAUSE I WAS THERE.

It is also closely correlated with social anxiety, depression, low motivation, erectile dysfunction, concentration problems, and negative self-perceptions in terms of physical appearance and sexual functioning. I personally suffered in each of these areas.

As men, our sexual energy is one of the most powerful forces that exists in human nature. Self help legend Napoleon Hill said, "[s]ex desire is the most powerful of human desires." According to legendary founder of modern psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud “the sex drive is the most important motivating force.”

When I awoke to this power my whole life changed. And never in the history of mankind has that energy and power, to be blunt, been screwed up for so many men. I belive we are in a crisis of masculinity and I want to show you the way out.

According to a recent article in U.S. News and World Report over 9 million Americans are struggling with some form of sex or porn addiction. It’s an epidemic and it’s worldwide.

If this is you, or your partner, I want to share with you my Free 5 Video Series that will literally change your perspective on your sex addiction and porn addiction.

I’m Craig Perra and I’ve personally struggled with compulsive sexual behavior since I was 8 years old. I lost a high profile six figure executive job and almost lost my wife and family until I woke up and embraced my power of choice.

I turned the worst thing that ever happened to me into a powerful program that empowers men and couples to survive and thrive from their porn and sex addiction all over the world. Most recently I shared my journey on The Katie Couric Show with my wife Michelle. 

In the 5 VIDEO SERIES you are about to receive I am literally going to change your perspective on how you are viewing your compulsive sexual behavior. This new perspective will open opportunities for you that I know will change your life.

Here’s a summary of the powerful content that you are about to receive:  

  • I’m going to prove to you the power inherent in your sexual energy and how your abuse of that power is contributing to your failures.
  • You’re going to learn mastering your habit cycle is mission critical.
  • I’m going to share with you one of the most powerful behavior change modalities in existence. 
  • Do you keep asking yourself “am I really addicted?” I’m going to tell you why this is the wrong question. 
  • Without goals you will fail. I’m going to tell you why and what you can do about it.
  • Free Bonus exercises and assignments designed to drive results.  

If you’ve been looking for a science based, action oriented, goal centric, and structured program that will change your life, you’ve found it.

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